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Downloading Instructions

1. Select the Video Quality.

2. Click on the Triple Dots.

3. Click Download Button.

To Download, right click on the download button and choose "Save link as" (or tab and hold if using mobile choose the "Save/Download" option).

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Keep downloading is an free online video downloader which facilitates its users to download online videos from different apps by just copying the URL of that particular video and pasting on to its website.

How To Download Vimeo Video Online

Vimeo video downloader online

Step 1

Copy the Vimeo Video Link

  • Go to the Vimeo website and select your favorite video that you want to download. 
  • Select the URL of the video from the address bar of the browser and highlight it.
  • Copy the URL of the Vimeo video from the browser’s address bar. If you are unable to find the correct URL of the Vimeo video, then share the link of the Vimeo video.
Step 2

Paste the Video Link at Vimeo Video Downloader

  • After you have copied the link of the Vimeo video, open the video downloader on the browser. Click the Download Vimeo video option
  • An address box will appear on the top of the page. Paste the URL on the address box of the Vimeo video downloader. 
  • Click the Download button. Usually the download starts automatically.
vimeo video downloader
vimeo downloader online
Step 3

Choose the File Format Which You Want to Download Vimeo Videos

  • Select the resolution and the format in which you want to download Vimeo videos. The best quality video format is MP4. 
  • There are other recommended formats for downloading the Vimeo videos. These include 3GP, WebM and FLV. 
  • Click on the format that you have chosen for downloading the videos. The Vimeo video downloading will start on your PC.
Step 4

Grab Your Downloaded Vimeo Video from the Download Folder

  • Once you have downloaded the Vimeo video on your desktop, go to the section where you have downloaded the video. 
  • Click the Play button to run the video. Your Vimeo video will start playing on your PC. 
  • You can also save the Vimeo video on your desktop and watch it later. 
  • For this, you have to click the “Save video” option and your Vimeo video will be saved on your computer.
download vimeo videos online


  1. Copy the URL of the Vimeo video that you want to download.
  2. Paste the copied link at www.keepdownloading on the Vimeo video downloader.
  3. Now click on the Download Vimeo video option.
  4. Select the format to download the Vimeo video. The default format is MP4 which is the best quality format that gives high zesolution pictures. You can select other formats like WebM or 3GP.
  5. Now click the download button to  download the video on the Vimeo video downloader application.
  6. You can play your Vimeo video after the download is over.
  7. If you want to save the Vimeo video on your desktop, click the “Save video” button.
  8. Your favorite video will be saved on your PC. You can watch the video whenever you like.

How to Download Vimeo Videos Online From Mobile

Steps to Download Your Favorite Vimeo Videos on Mobile

  1. Install the Vimeo video downloader application on your mobile phone.
  2. Select the video that you want to download on your mobile phone.
  3. Top on the 3 dots on the top right corner or the bottom right corner of the video player.
  4. An option will appear that will ask you to share the video.
  5. Copy the link of the video and go to the vimeo video downloader.
  6. Paste the copied link on the empty space of the video downloader.
  7. Select the image resolution of the video. The best quality image will be in the MP4 format. You can also choose other formats as per your convinience.
  8. You can now play the Vimeo video on your Mobile phone.
  9. Click the “Save video” option to save the video on your Mobile device and watch it later.

List of Vimeo Features:

  • The link for the Vimeo video will appear on the screen.
  • Press the share button.Install the Vimeo application on your Mobile phone.
  • Locate the video that you want to download on your mobile phone.
  • Move the cursor on the video that you want to download and click the arrow on the right hand side of the cursor.
  • Copy the link of the Vimeo video on the clipboard.
  • Now paste the link on the text box of the Vimeo video downloader in the MP4 format.
Online Vimeo Video Downloader

Features and Tools of Vimeo Video:

Given below are some of the tools of the Vimeo video application that helps in streaming high quality videos and marketing of the Vimeo videos across several platforms:

  • Speed controls– This helps to boost or reduce the speed of the video as per the user’s convenience.
  • No ads– This feature helps the video to play continuously without any advertisements.
  • Privacy settings– This feature improves the privacy settings of the video by controlling who watches the video.
  • Storage– This option lets the application store innumerable videos without running out of space.
  • Password protection– This feature makes the application secure by protecting it with customized passwords.
  • Video review tools– This feature helps in real time collaboration on reviewing the performance of the application.
  • Video customization– The video player can be customized by adding colors or logo as per the requirement of the user.
  • Email marketing integrations– This feature helps in the monetization of the video with targeted email marketing campaigns.
  • Worldwide distribution– This helps in distribution of the video across multiple devices and geographical locations to attract more audience.
  • Auto archiving– This feature helps in posting, editing and saving the video files many times.

How can You Upload a Thumbnail Image on a Vimeo Video?

A thumbnail image is the one that the viewers will see before they start playing the video. Given are the steps by which you can add a custom thumbnail image on the video.

  1. Go to the “My Videos” option in Vimeo video.
  2. Open the “Settings” option of the Vimeo video.
  3. In the settings section, scroll down to the bottom to the “Thumbnails”.
  4. There are several images or icons in the Thumbnails section.
  5. Choose the Thumbnail you like and upload it on the Vimeo video.
  6. Choose the desired format from the available options.
  7. Copy the URL of trending Vimeo video, which you want to download Vimeo Videos.
  8. Paste that link at on the Vimeo video downloader.
  9. Tap on Download button and start downloading.
  10. Grab your favourite video and refresh yourself without worrying about the data charges.