How To Download Snapchat Videos From Desktop


Copy the Snapchat Video Link

Type the Snapchat web address on the search bar of your internet browser to open the Snapchat digital platform. Now, enter the name of your Snapchat video on the search bar of your Snapchat according to your preference. Play the Snapchat video so that you can copy the link of your favorite Snapchat video from the address bar of the web page playing your Snapchat video.

Now you have to copy the entire URL from the address bar of the webpage playing the video. You can do this by using the CTRL+C buttons at the same time to copy the Snapchat video URL on your desktop.


Paste the Video Link on the Snapchat Video Downloader

To keep downloading your favorite Snapchat videos seamlessly, you should now install a Snapchat video downloader from To get this done, you must download the executable file from and run the installation wizard to activate the Snapchat downloading application. After successful installation of the Snapchat downloader, you should now paste the Snapchat video address link that you have copied earlier on the text field of the Snapchat downloader application by pressing the CTRL+V buttons all at once. 

Now click on the Download Video option to download the Snapchat video. Once you click on Download Video, button your favorite Snapchat video will start getting downloaded. But, please assure yourself that you have followed the step discussed in Step 3 mentioned below to select a given video format.


Choose the File Format in Which You want to Download Snapchat Video

MP4 video format is the most preferred video format that can provide you with the best-in-class video-watching experience. The MP4 video format is one among many other video formats in which you can actually download Snapchat videos. So, you may also choose other formats as well depending on your video quality expectation.

The other formats are 3GP, WebM, and FLV. You can also tweak the resolution of the Snapchat video being downloaded. The resolution can be changed in the range of 360P, 480P, etc. After you have chosen your preferred video format, you may now go on to download your Snapchat video.


Grab Your Downloaded Video from the Snapchat Video Downloader Folder

When you are over with downloading your favorite Snapchat video, you can play the Snapchat video from the folder where the video has actually been saved without resorting to connecting to the internet and playing the video in online mode.

Further, you can share it with your close associates or friends.

Supported Sites

Keep downloading is an free online video downloader which facilitates its users to download online videos from different apps by just copying the URL of that particular video and pasting on to its website.

How To Download Snapchat Videos From Mobile


Steps to Download Your Favorite Snapchat Videos on Mobile

  • Launch Snapchat from your internet browser and type on the webpage displayed on your mobile.
  • Navigate on Snapchat Application to find your favorite video to be downloaded. Click on the Share button further and open the desired video by running a Snapchat video downloader.
  • To get the Snapchat video downloaded, you should now click on the Download button that is distinctly seen in the bottom right corner of the webpage.
  • Selecting a given video format. You may go on to select from 1080P, 2080P, or 1440P resolution options to make your video-watching experience a memorable one. You can continue reviewing the progress of the video download by referring to the Download Manager.
  • Post these sequential sets of activities, you can enjoy watching or sharing your favorite Snapchat video as many times as you may be requiring.

List of Snapchat Video Features

  1. Ability to keep users engaged
  2. Responsive layout & Artistic Graphics
  3. Multi-Language Support & Vibrant and vivid Colors
  4. The contemporary design of the dashboard
  5. Across-the-board compatibility
  6. Content getting displayed with subtitles
  7. Enough scope for Advertisements
  8. Advanced branding and watermarking 
  9. With Google’s Interactive Media Ads support
  10. Live & On-the-Go Streaming

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