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Downloading Instructions

1. Select the Video Quality.

2. Click on the Triple Dots.

3. Click Download Button.

To Download, right click on the download button and choose "Save link as" (or tab and hold if using mobile choose the "Save/Download" option).

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Keep downloading is an free online video downloader which facilitates its users to download online videos from different apps by just copying the URL of that particular video and pasting on to its website.

How To Download

Step 1 :

Copy the URL of Instagram video or photo that you want to download using Instagram Downloader Online

Instagram is one of the biggest photo & video sharing social media website where millions of users upload their pictures and videos on daily basis. On the other hand, you can easily upload content on Instagram but you can’t directly download pictures and videos from Instagram. But, you need not get worried at any moment as we are introducing a reliable platform from where you can download Instagram photos, Instagram videos within few clicks. Open your Instagram account and then copy the URL of Instagram video or Photos that you want to save on your operating system.

Step 2 :​

Paste the URL of Instagram photo or video at and tap on Free Download button.

In the next step, you have to open in another tab of the browser. This website has built-in with impeccable features so that we can download Instagram slideshow and also download Videos from Instagram without any hassle. After pasting the URL of desired Instagram video or photo, just press a click on Free Download button. Just confirm one thing i.e., you are the appropriate URL of that video that you want to download. Don’t fret about downloading speed as our website offer you a super-fast downloading speed because of which your content will get downloaded within few moments.

Instagram Downloader Step 3
Step 3 :

Choose the format for Instagram video and photo and hit a click on Download button

Identify the format from the list of formats like 3gpp, MP4 etc, and press a click on the “Download” button that is appearing next to the format that you have chosen for Instagram photo and video. In this way, anyone can download Instagram videos & Instagram photos in the desired format and too without any hassle. So, what are you waiting for, download videos from Instagram in the simplest way and refresh yourself.

Step 4 :

Grab the downloaded content from the Download folder on your PC, & Enjoy!

Once you get the notification that your content has been downloaded, just open the Downloads and open that Instagram content that you have downloaded using Instagram Downloader. Well, if you are searching on the internet how to download Instagram videos or photos in high resolution then you will find the various option but all of them are not trustable. To keep this fact in mind, we have introduced such platform through which you can download Instagram stuff without many efforts. Our website is not linked with any other website, so you need not to fear about anything. Really, Instagram video downloader Online is one of the amazing downloader that helps you grab Instagram carousel andInstagram slideshows within a couple of seconds.

Instagram Downloader Step 4
  1. Copy the URL of trending Vimeo video you want to download.
  2. Paste that link at in the Vimeo online video converter.
  3. Click on “Free Download” button.
  4. Choose the desired format from the available options.
  5. Tap on Download button and start downloading.
  6. Grab your favourite video and refresh yourself without worrying about the data charges.


Instagram Downloader Step 1
In Browser Instagram:

How to download Instagram videos and photos in mobile

How To Download Instagram Videos Online From Desktop

instagram video downloader online
Step 1

Copy the Instagram Video Link

  • Go to your favorite Instagram video or photo that you want to download. 
  • Right click on Instagram video and select the “show video URL” option. 
  • Now copy the link for download Instagram videos Online.
Step 2

Paste the Video Link on the Instagram Video Downloader Online

  • Now you can click on the Download Instagram video link option. 
  • The input field will appear on the top of the page. This input field is the address box. 
  • Now paste the URL in the address box. 
  • And click on the “Download Instagram video” button.
Instagram video downloader
Instagram downloader online
Step 3

Choose the File Format in Which You want to Download Instagram Video

  • Choose the format in which you want to download the videos on your desktop. 
  • The best quality video will be selected by default to be downloaded. The best format to download the Instagram video is MP4. 
  • Other extensions like Flac are also supported by Instagram video downloader. 
  • Select your preferred format and start downloading the video.
Step 4

Grab Your Download Instagram Video from the Download Folder

  • After you have downloaded the video, select  the video ID that has been copied in the address bar. 
  • Now press the “Play” button. Your favorite Instagram video will start playing. 
  • You can also save the Instagram video on your computer by clicking on the 3 dots in the lower right corner. 
  • Tap the  “Save video” option from the menu. Your video will be saved on the computer and you can view it anytime.
download instagram videos online


  1. Copy the URL of the Instagram video that you want to download.
  2. Paste the copied link on the Instagram video downloader address box.
  3. Click the “Download Instagram video” option.
  4. Select the format in which you want to download the Instagram video( The default format downloads the best quality video, other formats for downloading the Instagram video include Flac).
  5. Start downloading the video on Instagram video downloader online.
  6. If you want to play the Instagram video, click the “play” button.
  7. Tap the save video option from the menu to save the video for watching it later.

How to Download Instagram Video Online From Mobile


Steps to Download Your Favorite Instagram Videos on Mobile Phone

  1. First install the Instagram video downloader app from Playstore on your smartphone.
  2. Select the video that you want to download on Instagram.
  3. There are 3 dots on the top right side corner of the video.
  4. Tap on these 3 dots.
  5. Now select the copy link option and go to the online  Instagram video downloader.
  6. Now paste the copied link in the empty space of the Instagram video downloader.
  7. The Instagram video will be downloaded on your Instagram smartphone.
  8. You can select the quality of the image as per your requirements. The best quality image is the ultra high quality
  9. The Instagram video will be stored in your device and you can watch it whenever you want.
  10. You can also save the video in the “Downloads folder” of your mobile device

List of Instagram Features

Hashtags- The hashtag feature is used by the Instagram users to tag specific events to make their photos extraordinary and attract more viewers.

The hashtag feature is used to highlight a particular moment or day and the users can create new trends through this hashtag. It makes a photo more appealing and draws attention of more Instagram users than when a photo is simply posted.

Instagram Stories- Instagram stories are active on a user’s account for 24 hours and the viewers can see the stories and post their comments for that time. The Instagram stories are photos to which the user can add special effects to make it more interesting.

Photographic Filters- There are several filters that can be used to make the Instagram posts more attractive. These filters include:
Normal(no filter),inkwell( black and white), sierra( faded and soft look), gingham. There are many other filters that an Instagram user can apply to make the photos look more interesting.

Video- Instagram has initiated a 60 second video sharing option using the application Vine. There is also a video album in which the user can share 10 minutes of the video in a single post.

instagram downloader online

Some Applications of Instagram

Canva- It is a photo editing tool that will help the users to create custom images, flow charts or diagrams.

InShot- It is a video editing tool that will help you to add voice, emojis or texts to the videos. It is also possible to merge videos or trim videos with the help of this application.

Square Sized- It is a resizing application which helps the users to share videos or photos from other albums and edit or resize those photos.

How to Download Instagram Images Online?

You can download high quality Instagram photos with the help of Instagram image downloader online with a few clicks.


  • Click on the Instagram photo and open it.
  • Click on the “copy link” option to copy the Instagram photo.
  • Paste the link on the address bar and click on “download”
  • The image will be downloaded on Instagram. You can download single or multiple images on Instagram.

How to Download Instagram Images or Albums on Your Mobile Phone?

  • Install the downloadgram application on your mobile phone.
  • Open Instagram on your mobile phone and select the image that you want to download.
  • There are 3 vertical dots on the top of the image.
  • Click on these dots.
  • Select the “Copy link” option.
  • Now paste the link of the Instagram image on the address box of
  • Now click the download button.
  • The Instagram  image will be downloaded on your mobile phone.
  • You can now view the image.

Please Note- You can also install the Easy downloader application on your mobile phone to download Instagram photos or albums without cropping the images.