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This page has been created to notify the users about regular terms & conditions they must abide by while using this website. The guidelines and regulations mentioned here must be followed at all the times, violation of which might lead to blocking or banning of the user from the website. The content on this page are subject to change, as per the needs and requirements of the industries without informing the user in advance. The company cannot be held responsible for the same.


In order to make use of different video converters like Vimeo video converter online, Twitter to mp3 converter, Dailymotion video converter and any other services provided on the website, one must always adhere by the following regulations at all times.

  • A user must always keep the set rules and regulations on the website and follow it always, devoiding which may lead to warning and subsequently a permanent ban.
  • The content on this page and website has been created keeping the the public’s interest in mind. The website or owner cannot be held responsible for any misconduct by the user’s part.
  • The content and services on this website are subjected to change as per the needs and requirements without notifying the user about it.


  • Antivirus This term is used to define malicious software or program that can damage your operating system.
  • Users This term is used for the individual that is using this website.
  • Website This term is used for “”.
  • Content This term defines all text, graphics, information, scripts, logos, sounds and other informative parts of this website.

Website Usage

A user can make use of all the services provided on the website free of cost without any hidden charges or limits on the number of downloads. Though, a user must not try to make any changes into the website’s content or any other things without legal permissions. Violating which might result in variable lawsuit.

Copyrights and intellectual property rights

The content, images, links on this website are incorporated under the copyrights and intellectual property rights. A user is advised not to copy, reproduce or print in any form without the due permissions of their respective owner. Violating any of these may lead to lawsuits from the parent company

Responsibility of subscriber

The website is absolutely free to use and without any requirement of registration. We have made this decision keeping the recent cases of data breach and user data theft. This policy may change ahead as per the industry standards. You are not required to give any of your personal information currently, but in future if that changes, we assure you that minimum data is taken. We will never transfer, rent or sell to any third-party company without the user’s consent. So a subscriber must only make use of the website’s different video converter and do not try to alter or make any kind of changes without due permission, violations of which might lead to permanent banning as well necessary legal action.


A user might be terminated from using the services on this website if, He/She is caught violating any of the said rules. The user will be terminated if they try to make changes to the website or provide wrong information.

Prohibited Conduct

The user will be held responsible for spamming the website with unnecessary or irrelevant comments. A user is prohibited to post any content or link on the website which is derogatory, offensive or in bad taste. So make sure to use the website for your needs only.

Limitation of Liability

Our side of responsibility will be maintaining the websites different links, sub-links, and all video converter in working condition. We will try to add even more services in near future depending on the feedback of the website. We will make sure to keep the website free from any kind of bug, virus, phishing links etc.

Links to Third-party websites

We may provide links to third-party that may include sponsors, advertisers of the website. We request our users to pursue the policies that are related to privacy and other policies. We are also not responsible for the third-party’s content that is accessible through this website. We are also not responsible for any damage that may incur while dealing with the third-party.

No warranties

The content, links services, and other information on this website has been checked for authenticity before uploading with due permission. We try to provide you with right content, but the company cannot be held responsible or provide any warranty on the website.


The information that is posted on is obtained from the reliable sources and we also disclaim all warranties that are related to the accuracy of data. We also preserve our right for correcting errors and omissions in any portion of the website. We may discontinue or modify any aspect of at any time.