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Downloading Instructions

1. Select the Video Quality.

2. Click on the Triple Dots.

3. Click Download Button.

To Download, right click on the download button and choose "Save link as" (or tab and hold if using mobile choose the "Save/Download" option).

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Keep downloading is an free online video downloader which facilitates its users to download online videos from different apps by just copying the URL of that particular video and pasting on to its website.

How To Download

Step 1 :

Copy the link/URL of the Facebook video, which you want to download from All Video Downloader

Let us get to see how to download video from facebook to computer/ laptop at which we can see via offline also. Wants to download video from Facebook online? Then first of all, create your FaceBook account and then log in it. After doing so, copy that URL of the Facebook video. In this way, a user can download in their PC and watch latest videos in anytime anywhere. Free Facebook video downloader is the best way where people can enjoy at any time. Get ready to download and follow easy steps for how to download video from Facebook without any software installation to your computer.

Step 2 :​

Paste the URL of Facebook video at, Click Free Download Button.

Here we explained how to download Facebook Videos through All video downloader? Let us get it from Social sites video downloader and get full entertain. Next step is to launch the “” on any browser Type or paste a URL of that video whatever you want to be downloaded easily from Facebook and hit the Free Download Button. Ensure that the video you are trying to download is compered on Facebook servers and its privacy is public. Get the best way and grab the FB video downloader as instantly from a PC device or a laptop.

Facebook Video Downloader Step 3
Step 3 :

Select the video format as target format and click the Download button

Identifying the desired video format like 3gpp, mp4, Webm and many more in which you want to download the videos from All Video Downloader It also shows the details about format type and size of the Video. It helps to download streaming video in the essential quality. Click on a download button on the desired format to download streaming videos from Facebook. In this way, anybody can download Facebook videos free using Facebook video downloader by an online. Follow this simple trick how to download Facebook videos online and enjoy videos directly on your device. Here is the instant and simple way of downloading the Facebook videos directly on to your computer or laptop.

Step 4 :

Grab the downloaded video from download folder on your PC, Play it and enjoy.

Explore the download folder on your Computer and select the video, which you have downloaded from Facebook through easy video downloader. After countless googling, You will found a lot of downloader which doesn’t help you in downloading Facebook videos online in a single click, Keepdownloading video downloader from Facebook will download your Facebook Videos in a single hit. Copy the Facebook downloaded video from download folder and paste the video at the desired location on your computer. Play the video offline and enjoy endlessly. With the help of a free FB Video Downloader, it makes easier and very simple tricks to download video from Facebook online without using any software tool or new techniques. Really it’s an amazing place where you can receive incredible experience how to save Facebook videos to computer without any hassle and also feel free to share Facebook videos to your friends, colleagues, family or beloved ones etc.

Facebook Video Downloader Step 4
  1. Copy the URL of the trending Facebook video.
  2. Paste the link of Facebook video at “”.
  3. Choose a format for FB video from the displaying formats.
  4. Enjoy video and share or modify as per your needs.
  5. Again, press a click on “Download” button.
  6. Press a click on “Free Download” button.


Facebook Video Downloader Step 1
In Browser Facebook:

Steps to know how to download facebook videos in mobile

In Facebook app:

Steps to know how to download facebook videos in mobile

Facebook Video Downloader Step 2

How to Download Pinterest Video Online on Desktop

pinterest video downloader online
Step 1

Copy the Pinterest Video Link

  • The very first step is to open the webpage of Pinterest website and then searching for and playing your favorite Pinterest video. 
  • While the Pinterest video is being played, you can simply go to the address bar of the same webpage to copy the URL of your favorite Pinterest video.
  • After clicking on the address bar, you must now select the entire address and press CTRL+C keys simultaneously. 
  • Alternatively, you can click on Copy option by right-clicking on the entire Pinterest selected link.
Step 2

Paste the Video Link on the Pinterest Video Downloader Online

  • Before you paste the Pinterest link, you must download the extension file of on your Windows to install the Pinterest video downloader application. 
  • After installing, paste the Pinterest video address URL that you copied earlier on the text box of the Pinterest video Application. You can do this by  right-clicking on the blank space in the text box and pressing CTRL+V keys jointly.
  • Press the Download Video button to continue downloading your much liked Pinterest video. Your favorite Pinterest video will get downloaded as soon as you click on Download Video button. 
  • You must ensure that you execute this operation only after you have selected your preferred Pinterest Video format discussed in the following step.
pinterest video downloader
pinterest downloader online
Step 3

Choose the File Format in Which You Want to Download Pinterest Video

  • Though Online Pinterest video downloader application offers a wide range of formats in which you can download your favorite Pinterest video, but MP4 format is ideally the best format for downloading Pinterest video.
  • You can also download the Pinterest video in several other formats like 3GP, WebM, FLV. You can also change the resolution of the video in the 360P and 480P option. 
  • After you have given preference to one of the resolution option, you can carry on the process of downloading the Pinterest video online.
Step 4

Grab Your Downloaded Video from the Pinterest Video Downloader Folder

  • Once the Pinterest video gets downloaded, you can opt to play the Pinterest video from the folder without any need to be online. 
  • Going ahead, you can easily share the Pinterest video with your friends, and members of your family.
download pinterest videos online


  1. In a first, copy the Pinterest video URL for taking forward the downloading process.
  2. Paste the Pinterest video link on the text box of the webpage of the Pinterest downloader Application which is available from extension window.
  3. To download the Pinterest video, you must click on Download Video button.
  4. Select the video format in which you want to download the Pinterest video. Though, MP4 is preferably the most desirable downloading format.
  5. Downloading the Pinterest video through Pinterest downloader Application.
  6. Playing the Pinterest video once it gets downloaded.
  7. Saving the Pinterest video to share and watch as and when the need arises.

How to Download Pinterest Video Online from Mobile

Steps to Download Your Favorite Pinterest Videos on Mobile

  1. The very first thing you can do is to launch the home page of Pinterest by typing on the address bar of the internet browser of your mobile.
  2. The step to be followed is to select the Pinterest video after navigating it through the Pinterest server.
  3. Now press the Share button and open your desired video with Pinterest video downloader application.
  4. To download your desired Pinterest videos, Download button visible on the bottom right corner of your mobile screen must be clicked upon.
  5. The videos are available in the complete spectrum of 1080P, 2080P, 1440P resolution parameter, either of which can be opted for depending upon your expected video watching experience.
  6. Begin downloading Pinterest videos by clicking on Download button and keep checking the progress of the downloading process in check with the help of Download Manager.
  7. When the process gets over finally, you can enjoy watching your favorite Pinterest video.

List of Pinterest Video Features:

  • An enthralling user engagement
  • Responsive layouts
  • Sharp Graphics with effects
  • Supported by multiple languages
  • With very vibrant and vivid colors
  • Futuristic, sleek and compact design
  • Greater compatibility
  • Provision for adequate subtitles
  • Wider scope for advertisement
  • High end branding and watermarking
  • Google’s Interactive Media Ads Support
  • Online, faster and live streaming
  • Acceptability across several social media platforms
  • Airplay and Chromecast
  • Adaptability to HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
download pinterest videos online

A Quick Look at the Browsers and Applications Supported by Pinterest Videos Platform

Dedicated Account Management- Create a Pinterest Account, It Manage the settings, reviewing notifications, deleting Pinterest account and more.

High Degree of Explorability- Continue adding channels, videos to your customized playlist, sharing your favorite Pinterest videos, annexing specific Pinterest videos to Watch Later category, Operating Offline.

Innovative Player Features- Provides mini player, integrated keyboard controls, Chromecast and 360 degree videos, option of subtitles and Airplay.

Your Personal Library- Through this feature you can stream video lists, accessing chronological history of earlier played videos, accessing your favorite Pinterest videos always, viewing your own uploaded content or watching the premium exclusive content under subscription category.