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How To Download

Step 1 :

Copy the link/URL of the Twitter video that you want to download with the help of twitter video downloader.

Twitter is one of the most highly engaged social media platform with millions of active users. There are certain times you want to download your favourite or trending video on Twitter. Various tools and software are available to download twitter video. Let us understand how to download twitter videos through your computer system or laptop so that they we can see them offline later. So, do you want to save twitter video? Firstly, you should have your Twitter account. Log in to your account on your mobile or computer. Now, open the video that you want to download using twitter video downloader online. Copy the URL or link and paste it in the twitter video downloader box.

Step 2 :

Next, you can paste the copied URL of Twitter video at and click on the Download button.

Twitter video downloader allows the user to paste the URL and select the video format to save twitter video on their local space. Here, it is explained how to download videos from twitter using free online downloader. In this step, launch on any installed browser at your system. Paste the copied link of Twitter video in the provided box and hit the Download button. Get every entertainment and updated video from social sites using this free downloader. Ensure that the Twitter video you download is open to all, which means it is public. Try this free twitter video downloader instantly from a PC device or a laptop.

Step 3 :

Select any desired video quality format and then click the Download button.

Choose the desired video format like 3gpp, mp4, Webm or some other in which you want your video to be downloaded in. Quickly download the video using twitter video downloader and play it as many times as possible. You can see the details about format type and size of the video. This will help you to download streaming video in the required quality. The download button is different for the respective video format. In this way, anybody can download viral videos on Twitter for free using this online video downloader. Follow each and every simple instruction in order and enjoy these Twitter videos offline directly on your device. So this how you can instantly get offline streaming experience of Twitter videos through your computer or laptop.

Step 4 :

Play and enjoy the downloaded Twitter video on your PC.

Finally you have downloaded your favourite video using twitter video downloader. Now search or browse the saved video in the Download folder on your computer. Select the video which you have downloaded from Twitter through free video downloader. Twitter video downloader free gives you the best way to download high quality Twitter videos in few seconds. Once a user downloads the video on their PC or device, they can watch them anytime, anywhere. Twitter video downloader helps people enjoy online videos at any time without network restrictions. Get ready and follow the easy steps to download twitter video without any software installation to your computer.

  • Copy the URL of desired Twitter video you want to download using twitter video downloader.
  • Paste this link of Twitter video in the download box provided at “”.
  • Click on “Download” button to download twitter video. Here, you can choose any video quality format from the displayed options.
  • Right click the “Download” button corresponding to the specific video and select “Save Link As” option.
  • Choose a location in your system to save twitter video.
  • Enjoy the downloaded video and share on other social accounts.

Mobile Direction

Using Mobile site:

How to download twitter videos in smartphones or mobile. Here are the steps:

(a) Open the specific URL in your mobile browser. Press and hold to select a video on Twitter and click on Copy Video Address option. Click on the timestamp of the video.

(b) Now, Tap and hold at the web address bar of your mobile browser. Here, select “Copy Link Address” to copy the link address of the Twitter video in the clipboard space. Once you copy the Twitter URL to your clipboard, you will be able to paste this video link at in order to download Twitter video. This is one of the best twitter video downloader online sites.

Using Twitter App:

Not just the mobile site, it's much easier to download twitter video using the app. Know how to save twitter video.

(a) Launch the Twitter app on your smartphone or mobile device.

(b) Open any video tweet in your Twitter app.

(c) Select Copy Link to Status option and paste the link in twitter video downloader at It will automatically fetch the media preview for you.