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  1. Seek the URL of Facebook video.
  2. Paste the URL of Facebook Video at FB video downloader.
  3. Now select the free download tab.
  4. Elect your favorite video format & hit the download Button.
  5. Enjoy & watch your favorite videos via FB video downloader.


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How can I download FaceBook videos without Software?

Facebook has grown-up at a very fast bound and now a days it has knock down all social networking sites. Video and photograph sharing are a standout amongst the most essential components of Facebook. Gone are the days when individual used to share drifting videos and images on Facebook, now Facebook itself makes gear viral. Get ready to download Facebook videos using FB video downloader and see how to download Facebook videos faster using free online Facebook Video Downloader. You can download Facebook videos faster using FB Video Downloader. Internet Video Downloader is an instant method for download Facebook videos online without the installation of any third-party software, scripts or some other free FB video downloader services.

1. Copy the link/URL of Facebook video, which you want to download from All Video Downloader.

Let us get to see how to download video from facebook to your laptop at which we can see via offline also. Wants to download video from Facebook online? Then first of all, create your FaceBook account and then login it. After doing so, copy that URL of Facebook video. In this way, a user can download in their PC and watch latest videos in anytime anywhere. Free Facebook video downloader is the best way where people can enjoy at any time. Get ready to download and follow easy steps for how to download video from FaceBook without any software installation to your computer.

If you are using mobile...

Steps to get a Facebook Video Link/URL from Facebook mobile Website

(a) Launch the at your mobile browser Select a video on Facebook to copy URL. Click on the timestamp of the video.
(b) Tap and hold on the web address in your mobile browser's Address bar and select “Copy Link Address” to copy the video's web address. Once the URL has been copied to your clipboard, you will be able to paste Facebook video URL at website.


2. Paste the URL of Facebook video at, Click Free Download Button.

Here we explained how to download Facebook Videos through All video downloader? Let us get it from Social sites video downloader and get full entertain. Next step is launch the on any browser Type or paste a URL of that video whatever you want to be downloaded easily from Facebook and hit the Free Download Button. Ensure that the video you are trying to download is compered on Facebook servers and its privacy is public. Get a best way and grab the FB video downloader as instantly from a PC device or a laptop.


3. Select the video format as target format and click download button.

Identifying the desired video format like 3gpp, mp4, webm and many more in which you want to download the videos from All Video Downloader It also shows the details about format type and size of the Video. It helps to download streaming video in the essential quality. Click on a download button on a desired format to download streaming videos from FaceBook. In this way, anybody can download Facebook videos free using Facebook video downloader by an online. Follow this simple trick how to download video from facebook and enjoy videos directly on your device. Here is the instant and simple way of downloading the Facebook videos directly on to your computer or Laptop.


4. Grab the downloaded video from download folder in your PC, Play it and enjoy.

Explore the download folder in your Computer and select the video, which you have downloaded from Facebook through easy video downloader. After countless googling, You will found a lot of downloader which doesn’t help you in downloading Facebook videos online in a single click, Keepdownloading video downloader from facebook will download your Facebook Videos in a single hit. Copy the FaceBook downloaded video from download folder and paste the video at desired location in your computer. Play the video offline and Enjoy Endless. With the help of a free FB Video Downloader, it makes easier and a very simple tricks to download video from Facebook online without using any software tool or new techniques. Really it’s an amazing where you can share your experience how to download video from facebook to your friends, colleagues, family or a beloved ones etc.


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