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Download internet videos in a fantastic way.


Copy the URL of trending YouTube video.


Paste that link at Keepdownloading.com


Click on “Free Download” button.


Choose the desired format from the available options.


Tap on Download button and start downloading.


Grab your favourite downloaded song and listen to it as many times as you please.

1. Copy The Url of your Favorite YouTube Video

Open your YouTube application and then open the video you would like to download. Copy the Url of the video.


If You Are Using Mobile...

Steps to get a YouTube Video Link/URL from YouTube mobile App

(a) Launch the YouTube application on your phone and navigate to your video which you want to convert using our YouTube to mp3 converter.

(b) Press the small arrow key at the bottom of the video, and copy the link of the video you want to convert into mp3.


Steps to get a YouTube Video Link/URL from YouTube mobile Website

(a) Open YouTube.com on your mobile phone browser. Navigate to your video which you want to convert to mp3 using our YouTube to mp3 converter.

(b) Copy the link of this video from browser address bar on to your phone’s clipboard. You will be required to paste this link in our YouTube to mp3 converter online.


2. Paste The URL in our YouTube to MP3 Converter

Open keepdownloading.com on your web browser. Click on the “YouTube to MP3” from top. Now, on this page you will see a box, paste the URL you copied in first step in to this converter. Press the Download button on the side.


3. Choose the File type you want to download

Once you press the download button, you will be provided with a number of options on the quality of the file. Select the MP3 format or the best option as per your choice and click the download button beside it.


4. Enjoy the Downloaded mp3 song without worrying about YouTube application

Once the video gets downloaded onto your device in mp3 format, enjoy it without worrying about the data charges every time you open the YouTube application.


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