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Simple Steps to Download your favorite Dailymotion Video.


Copy the URL of your favorite Dailymotion video.


Paste that link at Keepdownloading.com


Click on “Free Download” button.


Choose the desired format from the available options.


Tap on Download button and start downloading.


Grab your favourite video and refresh yourself.

1. Copy the URL of your Favorite Dailymotion Video

Open the Dailymotion website and navigate to the video you want to download using our Dailymotion converter. Copy the URL of the video, in case you are using the application, click on share button and from there you can copy the URL of your Dailymotion video.


If You Are Using Mobile...

Steps to get a Video Link/URL from Android Dailymotion mobile App

(a) Launch the dailymotion application in your mobile phone. Navigate to the video you want to download using our Dailymotion video converter. Tap on the small arrow key at the bottom of the playback window.

(b) You will notice various sharing options along with the link of the video. Copy this link on your mobile’s clipboard. You will have to paste this link in our Dailymotion video converter online.


Steps to get a Dailymotion Video Link/URL from Dailymotion mobile website

(a) Open your mobile’s web-browser and navigate to dailymotion.com. On the main website, click on your favorite video which you want to download using our Dailymotion video converter.

(b) Copy the link of this video from the address bar of your browser need to paste in our Dailymotion Video converter.


2. Paste the URL in our Dailymotion Downloader

Open keepdownloading.com in your web browser. From the top, click on “How to Convert Dailymotion Videos”. Now you will notice a Box, paste the URL of your Dailymotion Video here, and click the Download Button.


3. Choose the quality of video and download

Once you press the download button, you will see various options on the quality of videos like, 3gp, MP4, HD, QHD etc. Choose the quality of the video in which you want to download and press the “Download” button. Now your video will be downloaded directly onto your device.


4. Grab the Downloaded Video and share it with your friends and Family

Once the download procedure is complete, close the web browser and open your “Download” folder, here you will find your downloaded video, which you can now as many times as you please, without worrying about the data consumption.


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